Does the idea of ​​cohousing appeal to you? Village Urbain, the first project of its kind to see the light of day in Montreal, will welcome applications starting June 14.

In a cohousing, everyone has their own home, but all share collective spaces such as a kitchen, workshop and guest room as well as resources and activities. Established in Lachine, not far from the St. Lawrence River, the project will include 58 one- to four-bedroom apartments, ranging from 451 sq. ft. to 1,083 sq. ft., a quarter of which will be reserved for rental at a below-market price. . As for those offered for sale, they are at cost price. As Village Urbain is an NPO, it will not make any profit on the sale of the units, said Estelle Le Roux Joky, co-founder and general manager of Village Urbain, in La Presse on April 14.

The starting prices for each type of accommodation are set at $338,027, $439,205, $548,431 and $647,309 (taxes included), with appliances and lockers.

To aspire to live in the Urban Village, you must therefore apply by completing a questionnaire online or in person and providing a mortgage pre-approval. A selection committee made up of experts in forming intentional communities will evaluate the applications based on the motivation to live in cohousing and the expressed desire to respect the rules and values ​​of the Urban Village.

The project, whose architecture is signed by Sid Lee, will be unveiled on July 8 during a convivial day, on the site of the future cohousing, during which the selected households will be able to reserve their accommodation. A 5% deposit will be required. Note that the resale price will be framed.

The reservation for rental apartments is expected in the fall. The first shovel of earth should take place in July, with the end of construction scheduled for the end of 2024.