In the Colombian Bogota announced the sale of five thousand houses, owned by the cocaine dealer. Their aggregate value is 366 million (26 billion rubles). This writes Bloomberg.

most of the objects — the houses or the plots. They are in Bogota, and also in one of the departments of Valle del Cauca and its administrative center of Cali. The property goes under the hammer at auction DebtX.

According to the organizers, these objects are not as luxurious as diamond-encrusted Rolex belonging to drug Lord Pablo Escobar. He also was born in Columbia, the clock was auctioned in 2013. However, these lots are still the largest asset package ever offered for sale in the country.

“the Country is working to attract international investors and destruction of its reputation as a haven for cocaine cartels and the rebels,” — said the Executive Director of the Kingsley auction Grinlend. The money from the sale of will go to Fund the fight against crime.