The Federation Council approved at the plenary session on Friday the law which requires employees of Regardie be submitted to the citizens and to provide proof – except when they need to immediately stop the offense.

The law establishes that an employee of national guard troops obliged "to give their position, rank, surname, to show on request of the citizen the business card, then to inform the reason and the purpose of the treatment, and in the case of application to the citizen of the measures limiting its rights and freedoms, to explain the reasons and grounds for the application of such measures, and also arising in this connection the rights and duties of the citizen".

The only exception is for situations when you want "immediate suppression of crimes and administrative offences or the prosecution of their perpetrators."

Currently, the law establishes an obligation of the police to identify themselves and present official identification, explain the reasons and bases applicable restrictive measures, as well as the rights and duties of a citizen. Asguardian such obligation does not apply. As suggested by the authors, it deprives citizens of the opportunity to ensure that it refers to the representative of the government.