So, to conduct lessons at school for students – fourth-year students who are the future teachers – that is, on specialities and directions of training the “Education and pedagogical Sciences”. They must successfully complete three courses and pass the session – mid-term evaluations.

to Conduct classes and courses for students-third-year students in any fields who have completed two courses and successfully passed the session. Assuming that the profile of the circle coincides with the profile, in which learning is the student. That is, future programmer to lead a literary club at school will not be able to, but extra classes on programming in Python – easily.

Next. If the school has a vacancy, to fill which the student claims, he should provide the documents stipulated in article 65 of the labour code (passport, labor book, if any, etc.). Plus – will need a response from the University, and a certificate from him that will confirm the student has successfully passed the session. In this case, help should be provided lists of students mastered the academic subjects, courses, disciplines (modules) and the total number of hours provided by these programs.

the employer – i.e. the school Director, will determine whether the direction of the student’s training profile classes, which he wants to run.

the Employer also checks the readiness of students to engage in teaching activity, – the document says. – Form of the examination and the criteria for its assessment are established by the employer independently.

After checking with the student employment contract in the manner prescribed by the Labour code.