Moscow lived with the presentiment of Victory since the first days of may, and told the engineer Roald of Pratusevich. With the city already at that time de-cloaked all the townspeople read Newspapers and listened to the radio with the latest reports on the battle for Berlin. Victory seemed at the same time and fast, and incredible, the price was too high it went.

“on the night of may 9, Muscovites have not slept, – it is told in the memoirs of a photojournalist “Truth” by Alexander Ustinov. – 2 hours on the radio announced that it will be transmitted an important message. 2.10 announcer Yuri Levitan read the Act of military surrender of Germany.”

At this time, Alexander Ustinov took the camera and went outside. It was clear that for millions of people this night will be the most solemn and the most joyous in my life.

People ran out of their houses, hugged and congratulated each other. By morning the city streets were entire demonstration. Here and there played the accordion. If the road met a military medals, he was immediately picked up on the hands.

“Muscovites, of course, wanted the centre to the red square. We lived in the rampart district, and I with the boys ran to the red square. On red square and in its vicinity on that day there were so many people, as now subway during rush hour in the morning: just don’t push, don’t break”, – shared memories musicologist, a specialist in the field of psychology of musical performance and pedagogics Gennady Tsypin.

red square was on moss, on Gorky street (now Tverskaya). Eyewitnesses recall that the townspeople warmly welcomed the staff of the American Embassy. The balconies throwing toys and chocolate. The evening of may 9 in Central Moscow turned on the lights, brought out from under Berlin. The result was a huge light dome that rotates over the red square. After 21.00 was a gala salute of 30 volleys of thousands of guns.