This year in the garden in the spring due to city restrictions went even the most hardened city dwellers. Stores reported high demand for garden swing, building materials and seedlings. All it required sealing material for greenhouses and garden beds, as the spring was very cold.

Attended a landscape design. While in the premium class is quiet, and the middle class, whose plots from 15-30 acres, trying to do low cost, because the fun is not cheap. Someone who looks advice on the Internet, someone decided to hire a professional.

The situation is commented by the founder and General Director of landscape construction company Primula Anton curve, operating in the premium segment.

— It does not work under the key, when we go from scratch, do the project and then fully build it, it has some certain things, some flower beds to add to their sites, and want small investments the whole thing to transform. Demand is observed, but the average check has decreased. We have to start designing from 10 thousand rubles per 100 square meters. And landscape turnkey anywhere from 5 thousand for a hundred, it is the work and material. Of course, we all cheaper, if not comprehensively, but to save on some materials or plant small plants, which then grow. Not once you have finished painting and have to wait to nurse three to five years, for savings.

a — are There any fashion trends this year?

— In the premium segment much nothing will change, I want to see a sheared large trees of different shapes. To the garden from spring to autumn, blooming, regular gardens, usually in the premium segment.

Landscape design, even if the improvement will be a point too expensive. The majority of Russians have refused such services or postponed them into the future. Now the trend is rather on its own harvest, says landscape designer, TV presenter, gardener Olga Platonova.

Olga Platonova, landscape designer, TV presenter, gardener: “Now in the countryside do not pay so much attention on growing their own crops, because the prices have grown in stores. Tomatoes, cucumbers to your was seeds buy much more than before. They used to say: Oh, I’m so everything in the store can buy, why should I consign? I better sow the lawn and be on the emerald grass to watch. And now that talk has stopped, now lawns, plowing, make beds and grow until all of the cabbage, the potatoes are planted, every piece of land used specifically for this. That is, people rationally responded to changes in the economic situation in the country.”

As practice shows, this year the Russians are not alone in your quest for gardening. As The Guardian reports, more than half ��Itel the UK during a pandemic began to appreciate their gardens and patios. And here, too, sharply increased the demand for seeds in garden centers lined up.