The second wave of the coronavirus have in the fall and the winter situation stabiliziruemost, according to respondents URA.RU immunologists. Due to this restrictions on the coronavirus can be removed in February 2021, as previously reported by the head of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation Mihail Murashko.

“I think there will be more such limitations. We get used to the virus, everyone will understand that the consequences of the diseases are not as severe. A large number of people have been ill asymptomatic,” explained immunologist Vitaly Zverev.

He added, however, that the decision of lifting restrictions will be taken by the administration, not the scientific community.

Zverev said that the rise in the incidence of coronavirus, like other respiratory infections, have in the fall.

“in Winter, these viruses are spread a little less than in autumn,” — said immunologist.

The expert stressed that to re-introduce restrictions in this case, it is not necessary, it is only necessary to competently prepare for the rise in the incidence.

Immunologist Michael Kostinov said that statements about the date of the lifting of restrictions is done after the epidemiological forecast.

“There is a special formula, which is projected epidemiological process. On the basis of these patterns of infection and other factors can make such conclusion,” he explained.

Earlier Murashko noted that full deregulation of coronavirus can only happen next year. According to him, the chain of infection is interrupted after immunity to infection appears in more than 45% of the population.