The Prosecutor General’s office declared invalid published in the social network “Vkontakte” an article in which he argued that the new coronavirus has created at the Novosibirsk center “Vector”. This was reported on the website of the authority.

In office of public Prosecutor has addressed in Roskomnadzor demanded to limit access to this material. Prosecutors noted that the author of the article talked about the explosion in the center “Vector”, which allegedly occurred “leak” of the virus.

The Prosecutor General noted that in the summer of 2019 in all laboratories “Vector” stopped research virus for an annual assessment of the status and performance of work.

“On the 5th floor of one of the laboratory buildings during painting the walls in the room Sprouse after the explosion a fire occurred in the area of 30 square meters. The fire was quickly eliminated,” – said the Prosecutor.

How to write “Rambler”, 1 April, President Vladimir Putin signed a law on criminal liability for disseminating false information about the coronavirus. Punish able under article 207.1 of the criminal code (dissemination of false information about circumstances that threaten the life and safety of citizens). The maximum period for it is five years of imprisonment.