every kid’s Dream – own a dredge, and current – in a series of inventions Ural designer. The teacher of technical disciplines in the agricultural College, one of the oldest in Russia (this year the school celebrated its 145 years!) Eugene Permyakov specializiruetsya on the mini-tractors. In five years, picked up nine copies, not similar to each other. And it’s not for fame or business, but only out of excitement.

the family Permjakovyh passion for design, apparently, in the genes: his miracle technique was created by the father and uncle Eugene. An old “Niva” turned the father in ATV-snow blower, still stands in the family garage. In the case of “centaur” is rarely kicked, but to disassemble the hand does not rise. In the nineties for the Thrifty farmer invention was not so much a hobby, how much necessary. The industry was producing for the state and collective farms only large machines able to sow and to harvest stretches to the sky field. Farmers with small land holdings in this format did not fit, and the village was swept by a boom in homemade: techniques to scale means no, and the areas to treat should be. Design ideas are scored with a key.

Now, I’m sure Eugene, the creation of mini-cars is not a need, and creativity. Small agricultural aggregates, mainly from China, flooded the market: they are certainly not cheap, but the choice is. Patriotic handmade them, of course, not competitors. But the tractor, as if he was born in the head should be born.

– transmission cars, the rear axle of UAZ, the wheels of the “Volga”, seat from the keyway, the motor from the motor blocks. Well, the wings from old barrels, demonstrate your Eugene Permyakov ninth mini-tractor.

Compact instance with green wings and design in loft style (ie all the tech inside to the outside) very quickly pulled out of the garage onto a dirt road. It was clear ready for work and defense. Maybe a plow to plow the land and harrow to walk. One of the main features – small size and weight so the unit will fit in the trailer.

– It is, of course, and he can go, but there are problems with the traffic police. To execute all documents, insurance, as required by the rules for free movement on the roads do not want. You will lose time and nerves. It is easier to create the model and transport it in the trailer, says Permyakov.

Eugene even no patents or invention certificates will not be issued. The arguments are the same: time is a pity, and thought of glory not burdened. Although recognized in his home-made product embodies unique ideas, which can be called know-how. For example, the red button on the handle of the tractor (I jokingly called it the catapult) – the problem over which many years scratching their heads.

Is horse��but not catapult, a locking lever for the canopy. But the idea is similar – automaticity. It is necessary that the motion has not disappeared harrow or a plough. One and a half years struggling, trying to provide auto mount, made homemade clips, and here it is – the best option, explains the essence of innovations Eugene.

On the thorny inventive ways happen and mistakes. Tractor number eight had high expectations, however, the principle of his work the author considers a dead-end solution. Its the brainchild of Eugene has provided hydraulic control, all-wheel drive, smart electronic “brains”, and he was heavy and clumsy, like a dinosaur. Now is in the second garage, and Permyakov hopes that will be willing to buy at cost this brought to mind creative.

the First years friends often directly asked Eugene why he designs and assembles the tractors. The farm had not, about the production technology does not think, and to use their creations for the realization of fixed ideas, for example to get to the unknown lands, not going to.

a Clear, rational answer, as I thought, the master is still there. Of course, the creation of the exhibition hall, where all the designs lined up, Permyakov has no plans. Order-it is fundamentally not working, but all designed apparatus sooner or later transferred to another owner.

– to build a new home, sell old one. So I no that they didn’t break up, says the inventor.

In College, where he teaches Permyakov, I said to him a tractor as a song. It turned out, not only metaphorically, but literally. A couple of years ago Eugene and his model number four, starred in the video of the Ural rock band “Lycra”. Both starring in their native fields in the pouring rain.

the History of Krasnoufimsk agricultural College starts with real school, which was opened in 1875 with the permission of Emperor Alexander II. Here he taught agricultural and tehnicheskim science. In 1887 when the school was created exemplary educational-experimental farm with multiple-crop rotation, mechanical workshop, manufacturing plows, seeders, harrows and threshers. Students created projects teachers new agricultural implement.

In the Urals, home to many world-famous homebrew. Last year was the expedition to Antarctica on SUVs, designed by Vasily Yelagin and his colleague inhabitant of Ekaterinburg Alexey Makarov. Snow of the South pole travelled by all-terrain vehicles “emelja”.

– Before the expedition of the machine is completely disassembled in the garage, checked every detail, rolled and then given the nod to start, – told “RG” Alexey Makarov.

at least created the famous Makarov vnedorozheIR “Burlak” – a six-wheeled amphibious vehicle, designed on the concept of the BTR-60. Machine weighing four tons and for openings to swim, getting out on the ice to the shore, and ice hummocks to surmount. In 2018, two models of the “Burlaka” walked thousands of miles from the polar Urals to the Kara sea, and then the hundreds on the ice Baidaratskaya lips of the Kara sea. Alex is sure to construct a car that can conquer the Arctic, only for the sake of exciting a few extreme travellers irrational. Machine must benefit residents of the far North. Hence, it is necessary to bring them to mass production. The first updated model of the “haulers” are already working in Chukotka. Two cars deliver food to remote villages, one leading gold producers.

A famous racer Sergey Karjakin, the winner of the Dakar rally, design, modify and assemble racing cars (buggies and Quad bikes).

We did finished the race in the car, stripped it down, bought a new one and put it on units with old cars. The global upgrade took about six months. But have created a very strong frame, which passed through several severe race. Our frame made in Ekaterinburg, – has told Sergey on the eve of the next “Dakar”.