Singer Oleg Gazmanov spaced on the Network a series of pictures from vacation. In the picture the artist with his wife Marina Muravieva kayak rides.

Publish from Gazmanov Oleg (@oleggazmanov) 18 Jun 2020 4:17 PDT

The fans were just shocked by his perfect figure. The pictures in the Instagram Gazmanov appeared half-naked, tanned and toned. Users noted that the 68-year-old singer is just gorgeous. Many began to ask what the secret of “eternal youth”.

Commentators said: “to look like that at 68 years of age is a crime”, “so it should look like every man”, “Cool figure at Oleg’s. A real man”.

According to the Gazmanov, the secret of its appearance is that from childhood he taught himself to abandon harmful products. In addition, he has his own special training schedule — every day he pressed as many times as he writes

Previously fans of the singer Nikolay Rastorguev was concerned about his tired appearance. Some have suggested that the musician again struggling with serious illness. Singer Leonid Agutin, which has posted online a photo of him, decided to intervene in the discussion. According to him, with the leader of the “lube” all is well. He just picked the wrong filter for a picture, wrote