Deputy Chairman of the State Duma concerning a family, women and children, Oksana Pushkin, who suffered a coronavirus, called one of the atypical symptoms of nervousness. According to her, this is due to the load on the nervous system due to a virus.

— Close say that I was very nervous when I was sick. They then it was connected with a road in the region. But, of course, the nervous system begins to suffer during his illness — said the Deputy.

While Pushkin also listed the symptoms that are observed in many patients with COVID-19. They have aching joints, can begin conjunctivitis, appear cough and nasal congestion. High temperature is not all — in some patients it was not at all, said the Deputy of the NTV.

Named past the peak of coronavirus regions

We will remind, earlier it became known that Pushkin asymptomatic ill with the coronavirus. She reported that she had no fever. Computed tomography showed minimal changes in the lungs. The Deputy was released from the hospital on Friday, may 22.