35-year-old TV presenter and hip – hop singer Svetlana Anokhina gave his eldest son Sam, whom she gave birth to rapper Guf, grandmother.

Anokhin admitted subscribers about problems in the family. 10 year old Sam has practically ceased to appear in the Instagram star. Fans worried. ISA spoke the truth in stories.

“Sam’s parents. Again. As it turned out, he was not so much attached to me, as a three year old Elvis. He needs comfort and full service, but from me it gets. To be honest, I’m inside me already let him go. This is my pain,” said the ISA.

Ten-year-old Sam unmanaged, told the star. The younger son Elvis likes to walk, to learn more about the world, and Sam is “sticky on the phone.” After constant conflicts, the presenter released the son to the grandmother.

Many listeners did not appreciate the act of leading. “How did it go? The heart does not hurt?”, – began to ask people.

Anokhin said, “even as it hurts.” In a candid conversation with fans, she opened all the cards.

“My mother, leaping love for me, give Sam. I was crying, angry, miserable… and now I have no more strength to fight for my son. So I gave him complete freedom,” explained the star.

Add, businesswoman recently broke up with her second husband Vladimir Anaheim. Now ISA is Dating singer Oleg Miami. A few months ago, the star starred in the TV series “Super ISA”, where he told all the details of the divorce. In one series Elvis, the younger son of ISA from the second marriage, called Gufa, dad Sam, dad.