Present, the most extraordinary academic year in the history of national education and will end unusually — Russian online outlet, which will take place in Day of youth is 27 June. I got the idea, we can say, with grief, as a forced response to the pandemic coronavirus. But University bosses, and online graduation decided to continue — even when the pandemic will end.

In ending academic year has been forced to “universities and uncontested unexpectedly go into a different reality” than those according to the Minister of science and higher education Valery Falkova, managed to “excellent”.

However, students, he said, a little pumped up, showing a “lack of skill of self-organization: not every student passed the exam successfully!” But alumni still decided to pursue it. And this important mission entrusted to national online outlet, if possible, complemented by on-the-ground events in real time.

Idea how it should run. And the result is a national online festival came out of a long and versatile. In length they will surpass the capabilities of any natural celebration, for it will open on Friday, June 26, and then, bright flashing, then at the time of fading, will last more than a day. That is, to walk so to walk!

However, some festivals will not do business. In addition to the inevitable greetings, songs, dances and games quizzes, this year the program will include “serious” part of the online meeting with potential employers face in the management of large corporations. The “for graduates in General does not have the experience,- said the General Director of the project “Russia – country of opportunities” Alexey Komissarov – already selected more than 100 thousand jobs.” In the context of the economic crisis a great gift for young professionals.

At the same time plus to online prom of the national level, each institution will conduct its own celebration. Details of programs everywhere kept secret — a surprise is a surprise. But something “MK” managed to find out.

In Moscow state University. University, for example, triumph will open a half-hour lecture of the rector Viktor Sadovnichy about the new challenges facing science. Then he will personally give the honors “red diploma”, and the whole procedure, according to Sadovnichy, “is fully preserved, but only held online. And to name the standouts will be Valdis Pelsh”.

the Russian state geological prospecting University. Sergo Ordzhonikidze (MGRI) holiday outlet online will be held on 7 July:

– Graduates from this year and past years, students, parents and all friends of our University will see the holiday in a new, dynamic and exciting format of the TV show “Day Falcon”, and will be able to evaluate new the clip is dedicated to all graduates MGRI, not only this year but also previous years. The author of words and music – leader of the student movement of the University Amir Mukhametzyanov, – told “MK” in MGRI.- The new format of the festival will be supported by traditions of the past. Warm words of farewell to the graduates will hear from famous politicians and the leaders of industry, entertainers and, of course, to the University.

In MISIS graduation under the motto “University challenge” on June 27 will be held in a mixed offline-online format. The main action will unfold on the main square in front of the University where alumni will congratulate the leadership of the University. On the main stage will be “awarding” diplomas – on the huge screen will be broadcast, which will connect graduates. The second point of graduation will be the roof of the University, which come off a stunning view on Moscow. And to feel the atmosphere of the prom, graduates will receive gowns and caps.

in Short, a fountain of creativity scored in the universities with such force that the Ministry of education, according to FAL’kova and in the future “has decided to make online outlet annual holidays of the students, which will complement the traditional festival and will unite the country”. That is, there would be no happiness, Yes the misfortune has helped.