Anna Popova has explained, what determines the rigidity of the measures taken in the regions

She emphasized that about 25 percent of cases the disease is asymptomatic, but the person can infect others, and so it is very important to observe measures of social distancing. When you attenuate them – will depend on the epidemiological situation in a specific region, the decision will be taken by the regional authorities.

Photo: Dmitry Astakhov/RIA Novosti Tatyana Golikova said was the most affected regions of the coronavirus

“I want to draw attention to the fact that, depending on the situation in a particular region, adequately the current situation and planned and formed a complex of measures on each site separately, with the exception of Moscow and the Moscow region, where the complex General measures, because this is a single agglomeration, and the border here to ProEdit not necessary, and the situation must be assessed in the aggregate, and measures, respectively, should be symmetrical for the two constituent entities of the Russian Federation”, – said Anna Popova.