Nikita Mikhalkov/Natasha Mikhalkov

recently, the network took an online prom Teen Tatler, the heroines of which were blogger Kate Adushkin, the daughter of politician Boris Nemtsov and Dina, the daughter of producer Alena Rumyantseva Tai, granddaughter of the President of CSKA Yevgeny Giner Sasha and granddaughter of Nikita Mikhalkov Natasha. Special attention of Internet users attracted Natasha Mikhalkov, leading a private life. In the show, “million dollar Baby” 17-year-old daughter of Artem and Darya Mikhalkov told me that now passionate about art and wants to become a Director of the Pushkin Museum.

I Have very funny parents who said: “You can do whatever you want to make art, go to the actor. Or become a Ranger”. It’s a family joke: they say if I don’t get it, I become warden — said a senior.

Natasha Mikhalkov’s mom

the School girl says with warmth, but it was a difficult period, when they stopped to develop relationships with classmates. Apparently, Natasha’s heart freely. To the question about the young man she replied:

After school stay cool friends, and guys we will find in the Pushkin Museum.

About his beloved grandfather Mikhalkov ready to talk for hours.

Grandpa actually the head of our family, he is a genius and a wonderful person. Actually, since childhood, I have seen the right family, inherent in me family values, we are always together and we are one team. I enter adulthood, and I was just wondering how the family really helps mentally when you feel that everything is close by, it is indispensable

said Natasha.

the Granddaughter of Director has admitted that he dreams to become the Director of the Pushkin Museum.

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she said about their plans.

Natasha Mikhalkov with daddy and grandma

Natasha added that he wants to go to USA to gain experience, and then to bring to Russia famous painter or sculptor.