Anarchists are planning a “week of action” across the US to take revenge for what they called a “presidential assassination of a comrade” – the September shooting of Michael Reinoehl by federal agents.

A Twitter account called “The Base” posted a message Monday night showing a poster that the group created to promote its “call to action.” The message invited followers to request a PDF version of the poster and to display it in their towns and cities to “help highlight” President Donald Trump’s “assassination” of Reinoehl. The poster reads, “Rest in Power Michael Reinoehl. Every revolution needs people who are willing and ready to fight.”

We got this posters made for the Michael Reinoehl call to action! Message us for a PDF! Post these up around your town or city to help highlight a presidential assassination of a comrade!

The pinned tweet on The Base’s account, which was posted on November 25, said the week of action would be December 3-10 and called on followers to “take action to help us honor a fallen comrade and to draw attention to an extrajudicial assassination by the US regime.” An attached video begins with a montage of violent attacks and riots by activists, followed by scenes from a pro-Trump caravan on August 29 in Portland. Reinoehl’s voice is played over those images, with the self-described “100 percent anti-fascist” activist saying in an interview that he shot one of the Trump supporters because the man was about to kill one of his friends.

Avenge Michael Reinoehl – Week of Action Dec 3-10thFrom RAM NYC. Take action to help us honor a fallen comrade and to draw attention to an extrajudicial assassination by the US regime. #AvengeMichaelReinoehl

The video then says Reinoehl was “murdered in cold blood … by direct order of fascist US President Donald Trump.” It calls the September 3 killing “the first extrajudicial assassination of an antifascist directly by this regime.” It calls Reinoehl’s alleged killing of a Trump supporter “an act of revolutionary self-defense” and adds, “We want the world to know that this will neither be forgotten nor forgiven. We will not be intimidated. We will fight.”

Neither of the two tweets has been censored by Twitter. The Base, located in Brooklyn, New York, describes itself as a “revolutionary anarchist center” that is “committed to the spreading of anarchist ideas and organizing.”

“Al Qaeda” is also Arabic for “The Base”, so these extremists are in good company.

Independent journalist Andy Ngo said The Base is “an Antifa extremist training center.”

“The Base,” an antifa extremist training center in Brooklyn, has launched a campaign calling for vengeance for Portland antifa shooter Michael Reinoehl.

Portland police said security camera video of the August 29 incident showed Reinoehl concealing himself in a parking garage after spotting two members of a pro-Trump group called Patriot Prayer. Reinoehl and another man then stalked the Patriot Prayer demonstrators from behind as they crossed the street. Police alleged in court documents that Reinoehl then shot and killed one of the Trump supporters, Aaron “Jay” Danielson.

Newly released CCTV photos of the Antifa gunman Michael Reinoehl from Portland police show he was walking in front of the Trump supporters, then slipped into an alcove to ambush them from behind unaware. A comrade appears to assist the hunt.

Five days later, Trump tweeted that Portland police needed to do their job and arrest the “cold-blooded killer” of Danielson. That tweet came minutes before news broke that Reinoehl had been killed by federal and local law enforcement officers who were trying to arrest him in a town near Seattle. The 48-year-old activist, who was in his car when approached by officers, allegedly tried to flee arrest and reached for his gun.

Why aren’t the Portland Police ARRESTING the cold blooded killer of Aaron “Jay” Danielson. Do your job, and do it fast. Everybody knows who this thug is. No wonder Portland is going to hell! @TheJusticeDept@FBI

Attorney General William Barr praised officers for not allowing Reinoehl to escape and said “the streets of our cities are safer with this violent agitator removed.” Social media commenters decried Barr’s statement, saying it smacked of “vigilantism.”

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