Now users of social networks are printed on masks of his face.

the American Director and producer Christopher Miller printed on the mask image of their own smiling mouth. So he was hoping to fool Face ID in your phone.

Made a mask out of a photo of my face printed on cotton & I gotta say it’s… exactly as disturbing as I thought it would be

the First version of the mask looked pretty strange. In her chin, Miller began to look grotesquely large, like some cartoon characters.

Cant unsee

Then the Director published a new version that looked better. But to unlock your phone without removing the mask, he failed.

Update: I had a slightly smaller one printed as well to lessen distortion. Slightly less creepy but only slightly. Also, I can’t unlock my phone with either version.

Miller admitted defeat, and wrote about it in social networks. The post caused an instant reaction. Many users were puzzled why they had not thought to put on the mask of his own face.

However, some members noted that Miller is not the first came up with this idea. They boasted of their masks with the faces.

Eso te lo podemos hacer nosotros …resultado gracioso cuanto menos…¿o inquietante? jajaja.


llegó el momento de mostrar la obra de arte se * Las cosas que mi padre antes que este señor

Yours came out a lot better than mine.

Anna Lysenko

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