In Omsk ambulance dumped at the garages bloody Russians in a diaper and a catheter, the witnesses caught it on video. About it reported the edition “Rise” in your Telegram channel.

The footage shows that the man dressed in clean clothes, lying on the ground, under the head of it the garbage bag. On the face of men visible small pieces of dirt, according to witnesses, it was lying on the ground face down.

Eyewitnesses also said that men no smell. One leg of the men were bandaged and bleeding, his hands were terribly injured, “as if it was tied,” said the locals. His daughter called the ambulance, where she was told that the man “was raging and running around drunk in the hospital”, although he could not walk.

The interlocutor of “Rise” said that he had called the police and an ambulance.

“the ambulance got there. The girl shouted that they don’t want that to be the bum, it’ll be thrown away, that not only should be tied and cut off,” says the woman, adding that doctors discussed gangrene in man.

The eyewitness said that the policeman “he was in shock,” and made a remark about the need to find relatives, she wrote a statement.

In may, the inhabitant of Murmansk has complained to doctors of an emergency room that denied her medical care, stating that she drinking if he does not remember the circumstances under which she got the leg. She noted that she heard the doctors were rude to the previous patient and began to discuss it, ignoring other people. When murmanchanka with pain in the leg asked the medic to help her, she said she’s busy. The woman complained about the actions of doctors in regional Ministry of health and the Governor.