Alsou told about her own secrets of beauty and youth. The 39-year-old singer has something to brag about. She has a great figure and a young, fresh face. According to the star herself, success in defeating age consists of three main parts,” the AIF reports.

The first is genetics.

“My parents are still in excellent shape,” says the performer.

The second is taking care of your body.

“I work a lot on myself: I visit cosmetologists, I do sports.”

The third is a complete rejection of junk food.

“I like to eat delicious food, but, fortunately, I’m recovering quite slowly. And over the years, the body itself refused harmful food, which I used to love very much — from chips, dishes in batter, salads with balsamic vinegar,” Alsou admitted.

Now, as the singer noted, she does not even need to choose between, for example, fried potatoes and grilled fish. She understands that after eating fish, the body will feel easy and comfortable.

By the way, Alsou is not only engaged in creativity — she found herself in charity work.