Vladimir Alekseevich, RosNOU fifteen years ago one of the first in the country received permission to distance learning. But many universities today are faced with udalenku for the first time. How to steer?

Vladimir Zernov: distance learning is a technology and like any technology, and especially educational, requires very careful attention to themselves and careful implementation. Before, to teach in the distance format, it was necessary to obtain a special license that allows you to teach online. Then across the country this was the only seven universities, including ours. We promptly moved full-time training in online format through their experience. But those universities that have never done it, I had to take someone else’s technology and use other people’s courses. But quality distant is a difficult and time-consuming process. Success is possible only if the University will develop its programs, courses, and develop clear requirements for the conduct of examinations.

admission campaign is in full swing. As online appointment is in private universities?

Vladimir Zernov: Almost all private universities have started a campaign on time. Translation in remote mode as a learning process, and the admission campaign took place without significant difficulties. We have developed an algorithm for registration of personal records, advising students, admissions entrance tests.

some private institutions have the opportunity to take the guys on a budget, but there are places a bit. They will increase?

Vladimir Zernov: so far all private universities in the country is not more than two and a half thousand budgetary places is a fraction of a percent of the total. We would like to it was more. All the more so for good reason: private schools show good results. The average score received in non-state higher education institutes are not inferior to state universities. However, neither this nor other indicators are not yet affect the distribution of admission quotas. I hope the situation will change, it will solve the problem of development of competitiveness of education.

a Pandemic has left many families without a stable income. In this situation, how to survive higher education, whose main Fund is the tuition?

Vladimir Zernov: for us, It is now extremely urgent problem. The solvency of the population fell sharply: up to 40 percent of students ask for a postponement on payment of training. Universities are going to meet, but are forced to arrange loans to pay salaries to the staff and teachers, support of material base… What’s next? Almost all private universities have left the cost of education at the level of last year. So it was would be right to assist and private universities on par with the state. After all, “private” students does not happen, all citizens of our country.

How to change Russian universities after the pandemic?

Vladimir Zernov: in Front of the University at all times had two main tasks – preparing quality training and generating new knowledge. The second task will remain largely the same: education without science is impossible. But the learning process will be different. It is clear that much attention will be paid to distance learning. Maybe the students do not want to spend all the time in the classroom, and want more practice. Would they like to learn the theory independently and remotely, and in person only to go to seminars, practice, consultations and exams. But a lot depends on the motivation. Of course, universities where many laboratory studies, it is not easy to fit into the new format, but after a while we all get used to it.

evaluation Criteria of universities will be different?

Vladimir Zernov: I Think there will be new accents. By the way, in Moscow the international ranking of “Three of the University’s mission” already there were whole sections concerning the application of remote sensing technology, both in online courses offered by universities, and in terms of Internet communications universities and companies.

But in General we don’t yet have a clear tool in the evaluation of the effectiveness of universities. Clearly, the domestic version of the world ranking of universities we need. But not only that. Need ratings of scientific schools, but they are not.

what direction would you be today increased enrollment?

Vladimir Zernov: the youth increased the interest in medical fields. Generally, Biophysics in medicine is the future that is now obvious. Some months there is a pandemic in which the application of radiophysical methods in conjunction with vaccination would be very helpful. As an example: our University together with the Institute of radio electronics. Kotelnikov RAS actively engaged in it. There are several devices that have been tested in “combat” – in the “davidnyc” centers and has demonstrated its effectiveness.