MOSCOW, may 1/ Radio Sputnik. Rospotrebnadzor warned about the high probability of a second wave of coronavirus in the fall, leads the Agency portal stopmanager.of the Russian Federation.

According to experts, in the summer during hot weather and plenty of sun UV-frequency of infection with coronavirus infection should go down, like all other respiratory infections.

a Day earlier, the head of the Federal medico-biological Agency Veronika Skvortsova said that the rate of new cases of coronavirus in Russia have been significantly reduced, and the country, in fact, the last week was on a plateau in incidence.

According to the latest data, in Russia revealed more than 114 thousand cases of the coronavirus, of which more than 13 thousand patients recovered, 1 169 died as a result of complications.

In late March, radio Sputnik reported that China’s fear of a second wave of coronavirus.

Radio Sputnik is the most quoted radio station in Russia. Be with us in the Telegram and Yandex.Zen.