Irina Alferov was not in a happy marriage with the famous actor Alexander Abdulov.

It was one of the most beautiful and famous artistic couples, but the two stars could not get along together.

“Breakfast I didn’t cook”: Aziz about the affair with Abdulov

Alexander Abdulov passed away 12 years ago, but interest in his work and personality is not exhausted until now.

Alferov was frankly told that during marriage, Abdulov was not easy.

The handsome actor enjoyed tremendous success with women, and he himself was lovable, sociable and have a passion for adventure.

Alferova, accustomed to the adoration of fans, not enough attention and understanding.

She wanted stability and a quiet and warm family hearth. But Alexander did not know how to live any other way.

“It very much did in this life, but I understand it. I just had in another life. Because I’m an actress, I wanted more attention. From Abdulov I didn’t get it, I cried all the time” – quoted by the people’s artist

Irina was sure that Abdulov will be able to defeat cancer – how energetic, fit and active he was.

Alexander was not going to give up, and even being sick, having met ex-wife at the event in the Kremlin, told her about his plans for the future.

However, the disease was stronger and the actor passed away; he was only 54 years old.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, the actress Irina Alferova not like to think about a broken marriage with actor Alexander Abdulov.

She is now married to actor Sergei Martynov, who, according to her, the first gave her the confidence that she is a good theater actress.