a well-Known socialite Alena Kravets told about the reasons for the possible breakup of the singer Polina Gagarina with her husband, photographer Dmitry Isakov. While neither side officially has not confirmed this information, but surrounded by couples talking about it as a fait accompli.

as far As we know Kravets, the couple does not live together for two months, as problems in their relationships began long ago. Isolation only exacerbated the situation – the couple were “like spiders in a jar”. Speaking directly about the reasons of rupture of Gagarina with Isakov, Kravets suggested that this occurred largely because of the singer.

“as far As I know Polina’s quite a difficult character. She – she’s ambitious and strong,” said Kravets edition “StarHit”.

Such strong women like Gagarin, it is difficult to maintain good relations with partners, she said. With such a man needs is a flexible man, confident socialite.

Earlier it was reported that Gagarin and Iskhakov went a few months ago, but has not officially filed for divorce. It turned out that to answer this question left the post of General Director of the company “Polina Gagarina”, through which the singer leads his musical career. Instead, now the CEO of the company stated Julia Ex.

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