Barely giving birth to the seventh child Authorized by the rights of the child Anna Y. Kuznetsova have already returned to their workplace. And how do you think she did? Published annual report.

what? The most urgent. Of course, the time is now difficult, the children, the immediate interests of the children’s Ombudsman, came with their parents as chickens oschip.

So Anna explained why teenagers from 16 to 18 years, the state still has not provided any financial assistance? Or what parents, and even received the paper, some benefits can’t kick in reality? Hundreds of thousands of Russians were literally spending nights in front of the computer, could not register on the website to place a long-awaited ten thousand rubles from the state.

Or, say, the Ombudsman analyzed the experience of distance learning, the pros and cons of what students something where I propose to leave to study online for the next year – this despite the absence of computers in most of the population of Russia?

Perhaps the Commissioner assessed the safety of the mass and mandatory vaccination children vaccinated against the coronavirus, which has not even been created?

And, maybe, Anna took the initiative and came up with some effective measures of state support to families with children?

No, she went to the foot over time. And demanded reprisals and restrictions.

First of all, the children’s Ombudsman wants to penalize citizens for improper use of the parent capital. For example, if the money was spent on basic food and not for the purchase of housing – they need to be returned to the Treasury. Yes, punish this will not only parents, but the responsible officials of the Pension Fund. But knowing the realities of our country and the lack of jurisdiction of officials, to believe in such work.

And if you take a shot, if it was spent wrong, in what way? To be auctioned off all the property? Deduct from earnings mothers and fathers to worsen the already difficult financial situation of families?

is it Possible, with such a wonderful life as we have now, to convince women to voluntarily give birth?

However, Anna Kuznetsova considers it important to restrict the sale abortively medicines in pharmacies. To deny women choice, even at the minimum time.

there’s no Other way. Since the beginning of the epidemic some, though, in fairness, not all public hospitals have temporarily suspended a planned abortion. Who could, went to the pay center. Who could not have coped as yourself…

Experts agree on one thing, the end of the current quarantine is not marked by a baby boom, as it did not want at the top. When a woman is to give birth to “nowhere” and that no state will make force her to become the mother��.

And even those who have recently seriously thought about the imminent completion of the family is likely to wait.

in addition, some perinatal centers and maternity hospitals urgently were converted to hospitals for patients with the coronavirus, where to give birth to something?

However, the destruction of hospitals across Russia did not begin yesterday. And not only COVID-19 is to blame.

for Example, on my small home in Kotovsk of the Tambov region, the hospital where you were born, I, my sister, mother, grandmother, eliminated, and the historic building, which is almost a hundred years passed by… the coffee shop. The town is small, but twenty-five thousand live there, and young women in the reproductive heyday, too.

in Addition to the hospital, there was dentistry, neurology, gynecology, and morgue.

But now there is a Department with 160 beds for patients with coronavirus. According to rumors, most of them empty. Yes, the epidemic will end sooner or later, coronavirus discharged to home, but the hospital-it did not open.

moms, drunk some tea and cake in a trendy coffee shop, everyone will also have to shake on the way to the regional center to visit the gynecologist. How many under such conditions is of sound mind and memory agree on the second, third, fifth?

how Many will repeat the feat of Anna Kuznetsova, taking with her example and dare to start seventh, lacking access even to the elite, but to conventional medicine?

I don’t think that in the birthplace of the current Commissioner, in the same provincial Penza, fared better. And having something she’s not exactly in Penza. A must have!

Asking why we don’t write more about Anna Kuznetsova. Last year I as a journalist of “MK” and human rights activist was one of the authors of the petition for her resignation.

I now sincerely believe that it is not your place. To be the perfect mother does not mean to be a good official. And that is the worst guardian for the rights of the child all who have visited this place.

But… pregnant or good or anything. Before delivery.

in fact, since writing the petition, nothing has changed.

In October, we created a petition. In late may, the children’s Ombudsman gave birth. Well, she’s not the first nor the last who can’t be fired during maternity leave. That, at least for three more years. And, maybe more. Anna is still young, children (their own) she loves.

However, it is good that at least seven young Russians have a happy childhood, and my mother, are able to protect their rights.

P. S. I Will be objective: as it is now revealed, on the eve of birth authorized under the President of Russia for children’s rights Anna Kuznetsova is still sent to the Russian government appeal is about whether a lump sum in the amount of 10 thousand rubles. have to get the state to families who have adolescents aged 16-17 years inclusive. The answer to it yet.