Russia will negotiate with Syria about the transfer of Russian military additional real estate and coastal waters in the Mediterranean sea. According to the official portal of legal information, Vladimir Putin instructed to carry out such negotiations, the Ministry of defense and Ministry of foreign Affairs.

Putin has disposed to accept the offer of the Russian government on the signing of the special Protocol 1. This Protocol acts as a supplementary document to the agreement dated August 26, 2015 between Russia and Syria about the deployment of Russian air group in the Syrian territory. According to him, Russia can be transferred to an additional property and waters.

–Russia is Now the only foreign force that, officially at the request of the Syrian government is fighting terrorists in Syria – told the “MK” the meaning of the initiative the Vice-President of the international Committee for the protection of human rights, expert of the “Strong Russia” on international Affairs Alexander Ionov. – The Iranian side announced the withdrawal of most its troops, the Lebanese Hezbollah, too, the troops returned home. Therefore, only Russia today is the backbone and guarantor of stability in the region. There was only one terrorist hotbed – of Idlib. This means that the goal of the Russian side. And, of course, we need agreement on the extension of stay of our troops in Syria to continue to ensure at least some stability and peace in the region.

According to the expert, the request for the transfer of real property and water area is required to ensure more complete security of Russian military bases in Syria.

Recall, the Russian military mission has two major focus in Syria: Hamim at the airbase and naval base in the port of Tartus. The number of Russian troops – almost fifteen hundred people, including two hundred pilots.