Prince Harry & Meghan Markle currently reside in California together with their son Archie, and daughter Lilibet.

Queen Elizabeth II’s decision allegedly to remove a photo taken by Prince Harry and his family made the Duke feel like he was being “erased from the family.”

Christopher Andersen, bestselling author, made the allegation in his book “Brothers and Wives” which was released Tuesday. It is entitled “Brothers and Wives”, and it was published by Andersen. 

Andersen stated that a source claimed that the reigning British monarch had a palace assistant move a portrait the Duke and Duchess Sussex and their eight-month-old son Archie off-camera prior to recording her 2019 holiday broadcast. Page Six reported Monday.

According to an insider, the 95-year old “reviewed the tables on which the photos she so carefully selected were placed.”

According to a source, “All were fine except one,” she told the director. “She then pointed at the Sussex photo and said, “That one, I suppose that we don’t require that one.”

According to the outlet, the queen’s holiday decision was made after Harry (37) decided to spend Christmas in Canada with Doria Ragland, his mother-in law, and their son.

His brother Prince William was said to be “aghast” at the discovery that the photo in question wasn’t in the lineup. According to the source, the 39-year old told his wife Kate Middleton he was likely to be “terribly upset”.

Andersen claimed that Harry told a friend that he felt as if Meghan, Archie, and he were being removed from the family after the broadcast.

The Duke and Duchess announced in January 2020 that they would be stepping down as senior royal family members. They announced their departure from royal duties in January 2020 due to British media’s intrusions into American culture and racist attitudes towards the former actress from America, 40.

Fox News asked Kensington Palace and the Duke and Duchess to respond to their requests for comment on Andersen’s allegations. Fox News was told by a spokesperson for Queen Elizabeth that they don’t comment on such books.

Andersen claimed that Harry’s father, Prince Charles was the one who speculated on Archie’s skin tone prior to his birth.

The Duchess and Duke of Sussex were interviewed by Oprah in March 2020. They made some shocking claims about their time with the royal family. One of the most controversial claims was Markle’s admission that a member the royal family was concerned about her baby’s skin color before he was born. Harry noted that it wasn’t the Queen or Prince Philip at the time and left the possibility open for speculation.

Andersen was told by a source close to the royal family that Charles asked about the child’s skin during a 2017 conversation that occurred shortly after the Duke of Sussex and Duchess were engaged.

“I wonder how the children will look?” According to Page Six, Charles told Camilla what he thought of her children.

Camilla was “a bit taken aback” by the news and said that her child would be “gorgeous.”

Charles allegedly lowered his voice and asked: “I mean… what do you think their complexion might look like?”

Fox News reached out to Clarence House representatives for Charles and his wife for clarification. They didn’t respond immediately. A spokesperson for Clarence House, Charles’s residence, told The New York Post that this was fiction and it wasn’t worth any further comment.

Charles, aged 73, was only expressing an innocuous curiosity about the child’s appearance. This implied that the matter was more of a PR issue for the royal family, which was dealing with a darker-skinned relative. According to the outlet, Charles’ thoughts were quickly turned by courtiers and gave a more harmful and racist spin when Markle and Harry first heard about them.

Nick Bullen is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and the editor-in-chief of True Royalty TV. He previously stated to Fox News he believes Charles has been “heartbroken”. For nearly a decade, the filmmaker has been closely associated with Prince of Wales.

Bullen said last year that “I believe the Prince of Wales should be shocked and heartbroken.” Imagine if a member of your family, particularly your child, says on TV, “My relationship with my father has broken down.” Even if this is true, it is now known by the entire world. The Prince of Wales should be devastated, I believe.

Bullen said, “I have no doubt that the man cares about him son.” “We have only heard one side of this story. So far, Meghan and Harry have won in the PR war.

Buckingham Palace released a 60-word statement for the queen shortly after the interview aired.

The statement stated that the entire family was shocked to hear the extent of Harry and Meghan’s difficulties over the past few years.

The statement said that “The issues raised,” especially those of race, were concerning. While some memories may differ, they are all taken seriously and will be addressed privately by the family. Harry, Meghan, and Archie will be loved family members forever.

The Duke and Duchess now reside in Montecito on the California coast. The couple welcomed their second child on June 4, a daughter named Lilibet Diana MountbattenWindsor. Named in tribute to both the queen, whose nickname is Lilibet, as well as his late mother, Prince Diana, the name pays tribute.