About a thousand people gathered on Thursday for a demonstration in the center of Ulaanbaatar on the fifth day of protests. This time, citizens from the regions of the country also arrived at Sukhbaatar Square on horseback, a TASS correspondent reports from the scene.

The police, who have been on duty on the square all these days, asked the arriving riders to leave, since by order of the mayor of Ulaanbaatar, it is forbidden to enter the central square of the city on horseback.

Protesters in Mongolia broke into the government building

“We came on horseback not for the sake of turmoil, but to show that the protest movement is supported in the regions of the country. We want to meet with representatives of the authorities and express our opinion,” the young people answered the police.

According to them, about two hundred more horsemen from different aimags (regions) of the country are expected to arrive in the city to participate in the protest action. While the first participants of the equestrian rally drove off to the nearby square near the hotel “Ulaanbaatar”. They reported that they plan to go around the Government House three times. According to the Public Radio of Mongolia, people on horseback have already begun to be detained and not allowed into the city at the entrances to the city.

Protests in Ulaanbaatar began on December 4 due to dissatisfaction with the progress of the investigation into the export of coal to China bypassing customs. It is believed that the amount of embezzlement exceeds $12.8 billion. On December 5, the protesters tried to storm the Government House of Mongolia. The demonstrators demanded to reveal the names of the suspects, among whom, according to the protesters, there may be high-ranking politicians. On December 7, Prime Minister Luvsannamsrain Oyun-Erdene announced the creation of a working group to investigate the embezzlement case, which will include both representatives of the authorities and up to a hundred protesters.