Just in July, was checked 100 gas stations. For comparison, Rosstandart from the beginning of the year across the country checked 250 stations. However, methods and ways of study are different. “Monitoring stations” have you checked the fueling for compliance with what is recorded in the cash receipt. In fact, I bought five liters of AI-92-K5. And then measured the volume based on the density and weight of the fuel. And was measured by the octane number.

So, according to the research, 58 out of 100 tested stations were identified nedolya fuel. While 13 of them underfill was low and meet the requirements of state standards. A 45 filling stations, he has gone beyond these limits.

Record underfilling recorded in the survey amounted to 7.36 percent. That is, if a gas station to buy 50 litres of petrol – a full tank, the underfill will be 3,68 l.

the Average underfilling of the fuel in the course of the study was 1.11 percent. If the average price of 1 liter of fuel in check 42.92 ruble, based on fixed underfilling the average real price of 1 liter of gasoline AI-92-K5 amounted to 43.17 ruble.

Now about the quality of the fuel. 75 gas station dispensed gasoline consistent with the consumer characteristics specified in the receipt for the goods. But in the 19 petrol stations sold petrol, octane number of which was below AI-92, taking into account measurement error.

And at 6 filling stations sold gasoline with an octane rating higher-92, subject to measurement error.

it is Worth noting that the property of the consumer is a potential hazard as gasoline with a lower octane rating, and with higher than prescribed by the manufacturer of the vehicle. So there are questions about the quality of fuel sold in filling stations 25 out of 100.

All full data from this study indicating the names and locations of all proven gas stations sent in Rosstandart to study them. Perhaps they will be an occasion for further verification stations, where violations are the most serious.