today’s graduates are distinguished by a healthy pragmatism. By itself, the diploma, even if it is red, does not guarantee success, says Elizaveta Novikova

I’m a software engineer, graduated from CSU this year with honors. My specialty in Russian educational program, and I am a Belarusian. Working in a large it company in Mogilyov with the third year, we have a branch of the Department. To become a true professional, you need to keep learning: I will go to graduate school and take the opportunity in your company to do fieldwork abroad.

Or Anna Kratovo also studied Russian education standard – “biotechnical systems and technologies”. Her professional activities will be linked to the development and maintenance of medical equipment. For academic success the girl was awarded the scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation on priority directions of training:

– Also go to graduate school. Regarding my specialty, I can say that I’m one step ahead of the Belarusian labour market: we still have a specialty in jobs of companies not listed. But I think things could change in the coming years is very promising direction.

Another specialty, which is now the trend – “innovation”. And although this is already the fifth edition in BRU, in the HR departments of many Belarusian enterprises are still a novelty, they do cook here.

– this year we did a newsletter for our companies – and was a real stir, says the head of the Department “Economics and law” Irina Ivanovo. – This specialty in Russian educational program. In the conditions of innovative economy demand for specialists with in-depth knowledge in the field of technology and Economics, unconventional thinking, able to create high-tech industries, to manage innovation projects. This year we have released nine such professionals. One graduate was invited to work at home, in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, and the rest will go to Belarusian enterprises or continue education in the magistracy.

One of those who chose the mA, the George deposits. The guy I came to study in BRU from Kislovodsk over 2000 kilometers. Career plans George – work in the Ministry of Finance:

– I’m more interested in macroeconomics. Why did you choose the innovation? Now all the political leaders talk about innovative reboot of the enterprises. The topic of my thesis is “the Innovative potential of Mogilev region”. I was awarded the special prize of Mogilev regional Executive Committee in the field of education, I have three wins on the Republican competition of scientific works, participated in a scientific conference of universities of the Union state. Moth brother Wladimir this year, too, will arrive in BRU.

this year the Belarusian-Russian University is launching a new specialty “production of products based on three-dimensional technology.” For training such professionals in higher education institution established training facility with the latest technology. For example, one of the 3D printers for metal there are only two organizations in Belarus. The most modern laboratories with unique equipment located in the new academic-laboratory building. It was built with the support of the President of Belarus, and equipped using funds from the budget of the Union state.

In one of the laboratories for the national competition of WorldSkills mechatronics are prepared. Their first release will be next year. This is also a new specialty in Russian educational programs.

– Mechatronics – universal soldiers in modern engineering, – says head of Department “mechanical engineering” Vladimir Semenkov. – They have knowledge on mechanics, programming, electronics. For training we have unique equipment which is not on many enterprises. In the laboratory “Plasma, thermomechanical and welding” has a large industrial welding robot – unique for Belarus. And among CNC machines has factory № 1, created under the personal order of the University. Last year one of the graduate of our Department had 3 of the application, this is 4.5. Scientists from BRU and earn money – and it is also a contribution to the modernization of our University. Their development from fiber optic technical endoscopes to the Belarusian nuclear power plant. We are responsible for all welding on this important object.

And students and employers will also be interesting to appear in this year, the specialty “foreign regional studies”, said the Vice-rector for educational work Natalia Volgina:

Is an economist, geographer, linguist and historian all in one. These professionals will implement economic and foreign policy projects.

Belarusian-Russian University is the unique educational platform on which a synthesis of the best experience of the higher education systems of the two States, says the rector. It is actively developing network University cooperation – cooperation of educational resources: an exchange of students, invited professors from the Russian universities to lecture. Such cooperation increases the competitiveness of the University and responsiveness to the needs of the labor market.

In the Belarusian-Russian University is truly unique, in-demand specialty.

In Russia the main stage of the exam started on June 29, it will end on July 25. The pandemic coronavirus exam provided ��only for students in higher education. On the main stage of the nearly 714 thousand participants, including 620 thousand graduates this year. July 3 graduates take literature, geography, and computer science. As reported in Rosobrnadzor, the exams went as planned, the results will be announced no later than July 17.

This week began with the delivery of the mass exam on the Russian language. The results will need to enroll in any University at any direction. Applications for participation in the exam filed more than 671 thousand people, of which nearly 618 thousand graduates this year. To avoid large concentrations of graduates in the examination centres, the exam was decided to conduct in two days. Examination paper consisted of two parts and contained 27 jobs, the exam lasted for 3.5 hours. The results of the exam, and commissioned on 6 July, will be known no later than 20 July, and commissioned on 7 July – not later than July 23. This year, the minimum pass threshold on the Russian language is 36 points. Tomorrow,10 July, Russian graduates will take the exam for core mathematics. Ahead of exams in history, physics, social studies, chemistry, biology and foreign language.

Belarusian graduates wishing to study in Russian universities traditionally pass the exam in the Russian border regions. As told to “Union” in the Department of education and science of the Smolensk region, in this year the exam was over 300 Belarusian boys and girls. The pandemic coronavirus Belarusians this year will take the exam in the second phase, which will begin on August 3.

Belarus Central testing started on June 25. On the first exam in the Belarusian language – it was nearly 19 thousand applicants. In total, the DH will be more than 64 thousand people. Mandatory for delivery of items is not, it all depends on the chosen specialty. A total of 11 items that you can donate until July 16. Backup days 19, 21 and 23 July. The most popular discipline – Russian language, mathematics, English. Testing on the Russian language, as well as in Russia, was held for two days – 26 and 27 June. To participate in the exam applied for about 52.7 per thousand people. Belarusian applicants have already passed the examinations in social studies, mathematics, biology, foreign language and chemistry. Tomorrow,July 10, exam in physics ahead – the history of Belarus, geography and world history (modern times). Certificates DH for filing documents in the University will be issued from July 24.