Not once convinced of the treachery of the novel coronavirus, – said head of on infectious hospital, Krasnodar territory Alexey Konovalov. For some people, the infection was discovered accidentally, externally, the disease practically did not manifest, and lungs were already affected.

in March, the Kuban General hospital began to repurpose closed hospitals for the treatment of patients with COVID-19. Now such institutions 20. One of them in early April, opened in the Krasnoarmeisky district. His head was 39-year-old Konovalov, and almost three months he leaves the hospital.

– the First time in difficult situations, all hope was on the ventilator, says the doctor. Now there are other techniques literally from the dead to pull people. I have seen a few of these wonderful occasions.

However, the miracle physicians have created themselves, harassing the virus is exhausting, hard work. Sorry, managed to save not all. And every death, the head of the hospital was perceived as a personal tragedy. He admitted during a telephone conversation with the correspondent “RG”.

Head strictly monitors the safety of colleagues and is proud that almost none of them became infected. The staff lives in the building next to us, resting after shifts in the staffroom and nursing. Who has stood a month, who is more and Dr. Konovalov continues to stretch keep watch.

of Course, greatly missed the family, especially the son-first-grader. “I want to hug Vanushko, but I think it will happen not earlier than in a month,’ says the doctor. – Although the patients became significantly less. Yesterday closed the third floor – there is no one left. I hope that after the abolition of the Kuban quarantine will not be a spike in illnesses”.

precious minutes of your stay Alex answered the questions of “RG”. It turned out a short interview. Time for more just wasn’t there.

Alex, as you know, COVID-19 – insidious disease. In what way?

Alexey Konovalov: the Cunning infection that the patient’s condition may deteriorate quickly.

With your vast experience what would you recommend to fellow doctors?

Andtoke Konovalov: Hard to meet the requirements and recommendations developed by the Ministry of health on the maintenance and treatment of patients with COVID-19.

People leave you completely healthy? Or do they still have to undergo a period of rehabilitation?

Aleksey Konovalov: In every one. Some still have to go through a period of rehabilitation.

What advice to give to patients?

Alexey Konovalov: mostly to hold annual seasonal prophylaxis of influenza.

When you receive the vaccine, we will all need to be vaccinated? And those who are already ill?

Aleksey Konovalov: but when will a vaccineand, then we’ll talk.

Alex was born and raised in the village of Cheburgolskaya. After high school he enrolled in the Kuban medical University, he completed an internship and 14 years ago returned to his native district. And after six years headed the therapy Department and then the Department of palliative care CRH. According to colleagues, during the years of his work, Alexey never made mistakes, negligence, careless or presumptuous action. All say its exclusive competence, knowledge of modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of patients with various diseases, the ability to make decisions in extreme situations.

Perhaps that is why Dr. Konovalov was entrusted to lead the newly-opened hospital. It is located in the district center, the village of Poltava, on the territory of hospital campus, in a freestanding three-story building. Now here is “red zone”, enter in that can only medical workers dressed in special protective suits. Countrymen treat them as heroes. This was stated by the head of the Krasnoarmeyskiy district Yuriy Vasin, when on the eve of the Day of the medical worker came in Cheburgolskoye to the parents of doctor Konovalov. His father’s he house did not catch: Viktor Yushchenko (by the way, the best mechanic local farms) put his Reaper in a field where harvesting has already begun. Therefore, a letter of thanks was awarded to the mother, Irina Andreyevna.

– Alexey Viktorovich, without any exaggeration, the hero of our time. I am proud of your son and glad that such people live and work in the Krasnoarmeysky district, said Vasin. The head asked to convey congratulations with the professional holiday the wife the doctor, Yuliya Anatolyevna, the nurse of the local clinic. And presented with flowers and a commemorative gift to his native aunt – honored healthcare worker of the Kuban Svetlana Pavlovna Konovalova, who nearly 40 years as chief physician Cheburgolskaya clinic.

that day, and Alexey Viktorovich congratulated on the professional holiday of their colleagues who continue to work in a closed hospital. When you call, we asked him what he wished. “Patience and health,” said Dr. Konovalov.

large-Scale paintings have appeared these days on the walls of buildings in many Cuban cities. They share a common story with novel coronavirus infection.

For example, a huge graffiti with the image of the medical worker on a background of red hearts and the word “doctors!” graced the wall of a house on the street May 1, opposite the Krasnodar regional clinical hospital N 1. And another picture on the building of the health center KKB N 2, where now live the employees working in the “red zone” opened here at the hospital.

In Novorossiysk, heroes of our time have devoted two street art ��of byetta. Colourful graffiti under the name “Heroes of Russia for all seasons” with a picture of a doctor, a naval officer and a Builder was placed on the facade of a seven-story building on Quay street. And the picture-thanks “Thanks to the doctors!” painted on the wall of the building of the city hospital. So doctors Kuban was supported by the representatives of street art.

And in Anapa touching portrayal of doctors in masks and protective suits adorned entrance to the city hospital resort.

For selfless labour during a pandemic, physicians thanked the Governor of Kuban. “We have nine thousand physicians in the infectious diseases hospitals and clinics, the ambulance service was at the forefront in the fight against coronavirus. You were there, where the most dangerous. For weeks, months on the job. It is a feat the men in white coats!” – said Veniamin Kondratiev.

According to the head of the region, this year in equipping hospitals and clinics, the construction of new large facilities, the establishment of a network of primary health care, support health care workers were allocated 106 billion, 63 billion of them – from the regional budget.

– it is Difficult to find advantages in the situation that we have today, said Vice-Governor Anne min’kova. – But still one of them – we have seriously changed the attitude of the doctors. The situation reminded everyone that this is an important and necessary profession, and that is what we have in terms of contamination, and most importantly, recovery – it is their merit.