tests of the new vaccine COVID-19 on children can begin within six months after completing clinical trials on adults, according to the Director, National research centre of epidemiology and Microbiology named after N. F. Gamalei Ministry of health of Russia, academician Alexander Ginzburg.

“Such regulations are enshrined in legislation”, – said the scientist TASS. He said that in his NRC is preparing documentation to in coordination with the pediatricians to move on to the possibility of vaccination of children.

so far, completed the first phase of clinical trials of the vaccine in the first group of adult volunteers, the group that shot was made at a later date, are still in the hospital. Earlier Gunzburg said that the registration of a new vaccine could take place in early August, and in the civil turnover of the first batch of the drug can flow in the middle of the month.

According to the Minister of health of Michael Murashko, the second phase of testing – the larger the group of participants will be held in parallel with the beginning of widespread use of the vaccine. Ginzburg was also noted that if during the use of the vaccine appear unwanted side effects, the drug may be withdrawn from the market.