About 40 Russian students returned from training programs in the United States home, the search of the remaining proceeds, said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

"a Significant portion of the children left new York for export flights, which arrived from Russia… about 40 guys in principle, already during this period returned on the territory of Russia. Only today arrived with 19 students", – said Zakharov on your briefing.

According to her, today got back all the students who wanted to return, others remained in the US to wait until the end of their training programs and visas. However, the search in the U.S. continues, as the U.S. side did not provide accurate data about how many Russian students have studied.

"Even the exact number of our American partners found it difficult to give… Given the confusion in numbers and different data that we had provided the American authorities, their search will not be stopped… we Have no final final data on the number, in principle, could be students in the U.S.", – said Zakharov.

Earlier, the Russian foreign Ministry reported that in the United States in a difficult situation, were several dozen students from Russia: they arrived in the country fall within the scope of the curriculum. Nevertheless, the Ministry stressed that he had not been informed about any programs involving the export of Russian students in the United States.