Surgeon Stupinsky regional clinical hospital Alexey Martynov died of coronavirus. This was reported on the website of the medical facility.

"Entered the office of the head of mihnevsky Department for patients with community-acquired pneumonia with suspected coronavirus, he led a group of physicians, April 17 accepted the first hospitalized with possible COVID-19", — stated in the message.

Head of the Department of the hospital died in St. Petersburg

As noted in the hospital, Martynov could not modify the two-week watch, as felt unwell. Its a test for coronavirus was positive.

The surgeon put in his office, however, when symptoms of pneumonia got worse and he was transferred to the regional core hospital and hooked up to a ventilator.

Despite the efforts of doctors to save Martynov failed on 22 may he died. 34-year-old surgeon left three children.

In the regional Ministry of health expressed their sincere condolences to the family Martynov.

"Alexei Martynov will always remain for us a vivid example of high professionalism. Being a great specialist, responsive and kind person, from the beginning of the epidemic COVID-19, he did not remain on the sidelines, providing assistance to those who needed it", — said the head physician of the hospital Svetlana Chudakova.

Pandemic coronavirus covered almost the whole world. According to the world health organization, infected more than 5.1 million people, about 336 thousand died.

In Russia the total number of patients COVID-19 reached 344 481 people, 3,5 thousand patients died, 113 of the 299 recovered .