To speak about a mutation of the coronavirus with a single complication in a patient is unacceptable, said the head of the Department of Microbiology of latent infections Institute name Gamalei Victor Zuev.

“as soon As the person has a new symptom, all at once begin to speak about that this mutating virus. But for some reason no one admits that any population of heterogeneous or heterogeneous – there is such a biological law,” explained virologist NSN.

“Therefore, some people coronavirus does not cause anything, they are asymptomatic virus carriers. Another group of people develop a mild illness – coughing, temperature 37.3, the third is a serious process, and the fourth is just doomed to die”, – said Zuev.

The doctor added that different people have coronavirus can cause different complications. For example, if a person has problems with the gastrointestinal tract, the virus may worsen this condition. In this case, the symptom is not “blame the mutation of the virus.”

“Mutation – the process is quite complicated, and it’s not as often as we speak about it. But it seems that the virus mutates, first Monday, then Tuesday, then Wednesday, and on Friday he doesn’t know. There is no! This is a very difficult process, prolonged and severe”, – said Zuev.


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