the Russian lunar spacecraft “eagle” (formerly the “Federation”) created in the last ten years, but still not existing in finished form and therefore has not made a single flight, forced to earn. This was stated by the General Director of “Glavkosmos” (part of “Roscosmos”), Dmitry Loskutov, reports “Kommersant”.

“it is Expected that in the next few years tourists will be able to send and from the Vostochny cosmodrome (civil spaceport in the Amur region) on the new Russian piloted spaceship “eagle”,” said the Manager.

According to him, “with the alternative “Union, MS” means delivery to the ISS [International space station], including taking into account the expected development of the American manned program, such opportunities for commercial space flight participants will be more.”

In April, cosmonaut Pavel Vinogradov said that it will get gear.

In March, the General Director of “Rosatom” Dmitry Rogozin, speaking to astronauts in the Russian army Theatre in Moscow, called for the immediate create a new space ship.

In February, the Manager said that the “Federation” created the bottom.

In may 2019, the Pentagon has included Russia in the list of countries with which since January 1, 2023 shall be prohibited to conduct space launches.

Then it became known, as the budget of the American space Agency on the 2020 financial year, NASA received the right from October 2019 to do space tourism.

30 may be held first for the last almost 9 years launch of U.S. space Shuttle crew to the ISS. The first launch unready “Federation” with a standing for rockets “Angara” of ploshadki at the cosmodrome East is planned for 2023.