Scientists have discovered a long-tailed nocturnal bat in the Land of the Leopard National Park, which has not been seen here before, Daniil Goncharov, a specialist in the public relations department of the reserve, told RG.

This species is listed in the Red Book of Primorsky Krai, but on the territory of the National Park it was discovered for the first time by scientists of the FEB RAS and Tyumen State University, who conducted an inventory of the species composition of bats. The little predator was caught with the help of spider webs, without harming her.

– The habitat conditions in the national Park are favorable for this species: we managed to catch three individuals at once in two different places, – said Ulyana Gorobeyko, a researcher at the Laboratory of Evolutionary Zoology and Genetics of the Federal Scientific Center for Biodiversity of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Reference “RG”

The long-tailed moth is a small bat weighing 5-8 grams and 4-5 centimeters long. It feeds on nocturnal insects. The distribution area is from Southern Siberia, Manchuria and Japan to Southeastern China. There are isolated individuals in the south of the Far East.