Singer Philip Kirkorov in a closed presentation of the new video for the song “rolex” stole the dress from dancing on the table of Olga Buzova. The video of the incident published in the Telegram-channel YOBAJUR.

In the video, the singer and TV presenter Olga Buzova surrounded by fans dancing on the table, and say, deciding to support her waist, pulled the dress down, exposing her Breasts. Buzova embarrassed, straightened his attire and continued to dance.

According Peopletalk, the presentation of a new video for the song “rolex” Philip Kirkorov and beloved Olga Buzova David Manoukian “was loud”. Guests not only watched the clip, but the cake tasted, adorned with decorative chains and rolex, and looked at the fireworks.

As reported by “the Rambler”, earlier it became known that Buzova might quarrel with her boyfriend, due to the fact that he recorded the song with Kirkorov before her. Before that, for several weeks Buzova Manukyan did not publish any photographs of, stories and Tikhonov.