Xenia hesitated in response to questions from her husband, and fans were surprised to find that the presenter have a bad habit.

Immediately after the scandal that took place in the monastery, Sobchak with her husband Konstantin Bogomolov went to Saint Petersburg. They spent evening together with friends. That the meeting was alcohol, it became clear as the presenter.

Husband decided to capture her like that on camera and then published on the network. Thanks to this fans of the star were able to see how she behaves in everyday life. They were amused that she was embarrassed at the camera and seemed to hesitate to answer the questions of her husband. She spoke softly and was gentle. Characteristic of her boldness suddenly disappeared.

When Constantine made fun of that Ksenia again drunk, she retorted, – it is not so. The presenter began to prove this by issuing the tongue twisters one by one. It is worth noting the professionalism of the ladies. Star never made a mistake and said all the right things.

The shot hit not only Xenia, but the cigarette. Subscribers and to my surprise found that Sobchak’s still Smoking. None of them suspected that the presenter left this bad habit. By the way, most of the cigarette is not approved, and suggested Xenia to quit Smoking.

Along the way, members drew attention to the signature of Constantine. According to the Director, they realized that the husband and wife even makes fun of, but with love.

Oddly enough, but Sobchak eyes Bogomolov like to network users. The Director knows how to shoot her so that the woman looks really cute and sweet.

“Why you are always so sincere? Very nice chatting in here”, “Xenia, you are here – lovely”, “Unexpected but Sobchak is beautiful. Very nice work, pleasant.”

Opinion followers was supported by friends and colleagues of Ksenia. In this form, the presenter liked Natella Krapivina, Svetlana Loboda, Jan Raskovalova and Alexander Arutyunov.