the Belarusian-Russian pop rock band from IOWA, based in Mogilev, has released a music video in support of the protesters in Belarus. It is available on the YouTube channel of the performers.

the Artists said that the tragic events in their homeland pushed other thoughts to the background. “If you do not love your people, if not accept, do not seek to understand the new generation — to help him you can’t, as well as to give hope for the future (…) Have the right of choice is not a privilege, it is a norm”, — stated in the description under the video.

Clip “Dream” accompanied by the hashtag #giebelhaus the popular among the protesters.

Earlier in support of participants of peaceful actions of vyskazalis singer Rita Dakota, actress Alexandra Bortech, the rapper Vlady from the group “Caste”, the producer Maxim Fadeev and singer Max Korzh.

About the protests in Belarus have also been raised and international artists. So, the actor and frontman of Thirty Seconds to Mars Jared Leto posted in social networks pictures of street protests, clashes with the police and photographs of wounded and actor Chuck Norris turned to the incumbent President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko and promised to make him cry.