a resident of the English town of Rossington, the County learned that her friend announced to her friends and family that she died from the coronavirus, to get back at her for refusing to invite him to the chat for moms. Reported by the Daily Star.

a Friend asked Sharon Makiwane (Sharon McIIvaney) how she feels during the regime of isolation. The woman answered, which is good, because she does not get bored chat in which she is together with other mothers. Then the man asked if he could join in the chat and was denied.

After that Makiwane found in Facebook fake account created in her name. It was reported that she had contracted the coronavirus, and it was said that all who came to her home, in particular, was recently at a barbecue party, should check whether they have contracted the infection.

a few hours visit of the men to whom she is denied access to the chat, there was a message: “rest in peace, Sharon Makiwane, we will miss you. You took too early this terrible disease.” Friends Sharon was shocked, before she was able to clarify the situation and to announce that she is alive and well.

a Woman in tears called my old friend and tried to get him to answer the question of why he did it. He later told my daughter Makiwane that this would not have happened if she had added him to chat. “I think she learned valuable lesson that you need to cherish your friends and not to use them,” he said.

Makiwane reported harassment by a friend in the police. Law enforcement officers are investigating the incident.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of the Scottish town of Forfar, County of Angus, found in the cemetery her own grave and believes that the headstone without his knowledge, established ex-wife. The man suggested that she bought the land and installed a headstone, because he wants to be buried next to him.