Donald Trump wrote about a “big announcement” – and then presented a collection of trading cards for fans on Thursday.

For $99 each, followers can purchase glorified digital drawings of the 76-year-old: Trump in a superhero costume (including abs), Trump on a white horse and US flag, Trump on a blue and red elephant.

The accompanying promotional video began with a hymn of praise for Trump, who wants to run for the White House again in 2024: “Hello everyone, this is Donald Trump speaking. Hopefully your favorite president of all time – better than Lincoln, better than Washington.” The trading cards featured “incredible works of art” that reflected his life and career, he said.

In addition, anyone who buys tickets can win “great prizes”, including dinner with Trump himself: “I don’t know if that’s a great prize, but it’s what we have,” Trump said.

The ex-president, who continues to deny his defeat by Joe Biden in 2020, spoke of a “big announcement” on Wednesday on the “Truth Social” platform he co-founded, triggering speculation.