Recently in Mainz: climate activist Raúl Semmler sticks his hand so tightly to the asphalt that construction workers had to cut open the area around his fingers with a hammer drill. The 38-year-old then showed his flexed concrete hand on Twitter and has since become one of the more famous representatives of the “last generation”.

As it turns out, Semmler has practice in public relations. The climate fighter worked as an actor and spokesman for commercials. Spicy about it: The climate activist advertised cars, as reported by the “Bild” newspaper.

In 2018, Semmler appeared in a commercial for Suzuki’s “Jimny” off-roader. According to the information, he also shot an image film for a traffic jam assistant in the SEAT Ateca. It says: So that everyone “who is stuck in traffic every day” can drive to work stress-free.

“Theft of road surface” – air-conditioning adhesive is flexed from the street – and nasty mocked on the net

“We distance ourselves from statements or actions that do not follow any factual discourse or are even relevant under criminal law,” Suzuki explained on request. Further cooperation is excluded. Seat is also distancing itself. “We are not currently working with Mr. Semmler, nor are we planning to work together in the future.”

Raúl Semmler has not yet commented, on Tuesday his apartment in Mannheim was searched as part of a nationwide raid. Accusation: formation of a criminal organization.

Media critic Hans-Peter Siebenhaar considers Louis Klamroth to be the wrong choice as the new moderator of “hart aber fair”, not least because he is close to the climate activist scene as a partner of Luisa Neubauer. Talk shows have degenerated into a piazza for NGOs and I-AGs, he says.

In the nationwide raid against the Al-Zein clan, the state has struck a blow against organized crime. FOCUS online explains the machinations with which the clan ripped off citizens and the state.