Spain’s health ministry informs that 117.710 is registered infected with Covid-19.

the Number of dead in Spain with coronaviruses, the last day is on the 932, informs the country’s health ministry. The total death toll is 10.935.

the Number of people infected with Covid-19, which is the name of the disease which one gets by the coronavirus, has been determined to 117.710 against 110.238 Thursday.

Spain continue the trend, which has displayed the past week – that it is the country in Europe where right now die most every day with Covid-19.

Italy remains the country that has the overall most died with the disease.

Friday’s death toll in Spain was a bit lower than on Thursday, where 950 people had died in the past day. It is the first time in the course of the week that the death toll is falling.

Smitteraten has dropped to 6.8% against 7,9 percent Thursday and 20 percent in the middle of the previous week.

Over 30,000 reported now healthy after having been ill with Covid-129, writes the newspaper El Pais.

the UNITED states has for the first time surpassed Spain and Italy in the number of dead within a day.

Early Friday, the u.s. death toll amounts to 1169, and here is the epidemic first seriously to develop.

Over 245.000 is registered as infected in the UNITED states.

The new type of coronavirus has, by all accounts, its origins in the chinese city of Wuhan in december or a little earlier. It China had to shut down most of the country down to stop the spread.

If you are to believe the official figures, then it succeeded completely.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, who follows all the cases the world over, so has the number of all infected people in China remained virtually silent in nearly two weeks at approximately 82.000, and 3326 is dead.

Among other things, more american commentators and politicians believe that China is trying to hide the real number.

the Regime has adopted a hard line against foreigners in the country, according to the official bodies suspected to bring the coronavirus back to China from the outside.