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It is not only norwegians who want easter holidays at the cottage or visiting extended family. In many of the countries in the world introduces the government regulations and prohibitions to stop the brakkesjuke residents who miss the family, or who want a luftforandring.

Threatening to shut down bridges

Danish authorities have received the green light from the lawyers that they with the law in the hand can shut off several of the major bridges in the country. The ministry has been allowed to block both the Storebæltsbroen and Lillebæltsbroen if they believe there is a need for it.

We must curb reiseaktiviteten, says prime minister Mette Frederiksen.

Photo: Ida Guldbaek Arentsen / AFP

– I understand that people want to sommerhusene, but we must curb reiseaktiviteten, says prime minister Mette Frederiksen. Currently, borene open, but broforbindelsene as knutter country together can also be closed, as one does when there is a storm or has happened an accident, reports Danmarks radio.

We are in the middle of a serious situation and the government is ready to do what is necessary to prevent smittespredningen, says transport minister Benny Engelbrecht.

Sweden settles for a request

Sweden has not introduced any decree, but has come with a clear call to the country’s residents to stay at home this easter. Kriseberedskapssjef Taha Alexandersson said at a press conference earlier this week that the regions have a health care system that is adapted to their own citizens and they do not have the capacity to take care of the visitors. But no prohibition is there to talk about.

– We are not so, ” said Alexandersson.

Barrings and police checks

the Virus is not on vacation, said the French prime minister Édouard Philippe on Thursday evening on the TV channel TF1. He asks that people stay at home and not travel on the land in the easter holidays.

– We aim to get stopped utfarten. There will be more roadblocks and we increase the control on the utfartsveiene of the major cities, at train stations and on the roads in the tourist areas, ” says interior minister Christophe Castaner to the French newspaper Le Parisien.

Even though the police have registered several hundred thousand violations of the strict regulations, believes the minister of the interior that most frenchmen have respected the injunction to stay at home. There is curfew in the country if you don’t have a signed document for the valid session. Helicopters and drones are used to check that the ban is respected.

Almost folketomt on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice. The French who had planned a vacation here must stay at home.

Photo: Valery Hache / AFP

– It is not possible to comply with the curfew if you go on vacation. Then we risk that the efforts we’ve put into these three weeks are wasted. Therefore, I have also asked the local authorities in several locations to increase the the controls, ” says Castaner.

Cancelled on break

In New York city have local authorities instructed schools to continue fjernundervisningen for students even though it really should have been the holiday from 9. 17. april.

I realize that many will be disappointed, but the last thing we want now is people who go out in the nice weather and spread the infection, “says the teachers’ union representative Michael Mulgrew, according to the New York Post.

But it is not only students who are disappointed. Several teacher and parents say that they too had needed a break.

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the German authorities have reminded that all the day trips should be avoided. A spokesman for the government says that it is still valid to avoid that people who have not met each other before, meet at easter. But a little trip away from home, where you keep at least 1.5 metres distance, is still allowed.

A beach by the old town district, in the far north of Germany. Here there tends to be many tourists at easter.

Photo: Heribert Proepper / AP

– This weekend is the reported good weather, but don’t go on a day trip to the coast. It is the message from the belgian government, reports broadcaster RTBE.

Although the authorities are betting that people are cooperative and will respect the invitation, they will also reinforce the controls. Those who violate the injunction to stay at home to risk a fine of 250 euros.

In Portugal is airports closed and it is forbidden to leave home in period 9. 13. april.

– the Virus travels not on your own. Therefore, it is important to limit the travels, also domestically, ” said prime minister Antonio Costa when he presented the measures.

It is not allowed to leave the municipality you live in, unless it is to get to work.

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There are few tourists to see in Lisbon this easter.

Photo: Rafael Marchante / Reuters – do Not go on the beach

Australians have been told to stay away from beaches and to forget about this year’s easter holiday.

– Even if it is a hot day, we may not have lots of people on the beach, ” said prime minister Scott Morrison at a press conference this week.

Several of the country’s states have set up holds on the boundary to prevent the traveller to get into. The island state Tasmania has put itself in isolation, reports news agency Reuters.

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