766 people infected with coronavirus have died in Italy in the course of the past day.

This was stated by the Italian health authorities on Friday.

the Day before the figure was 760.

With the recent deaths is the total number of deaths among coronapatienter in Italy 14.681.

Italy is the country in the world that is hardest hit by the coronapandemien.

The daily death toll appears to have stabilized after reaching a peak of over 900 deaths.

a total Of almost 120,000 persons confirmed infected with the virus since it was first registered in Italy 21. February.

This is an increase of 4585 compared to the day before.

It is the fifth day in a row that the number of new smittetilfælde is located between 4000 and 4800.

The Italian government hopes that the spread of infection now is stagnant. Then, the hope is that smittekurven will fall in the near future.

Coronavirusset has claimed the lives of more than 55,000 people worldwide since it was first recorded in the chinese Hubei province at the end of 2019.

Since the virus spread to the whole world. Italy is particularly hard hit and face with its almost 15.000 deaths of more than 25 percent of all deaths worldwide.

With Friday’s upward revision to past the the total number of coronarelaterede deaths in Europe 40.000.

More than 75 percent of the deaths are recorded in Italy, Spain and France, shows a statement from the French news agency AFP.

Spain overtook Friday Italy as the country in Europe where there are registered the most number of people infected with coronavirus.

Here is the past day registered 932 deaths among coronapatienter, bringing the total death toll up to 10.935.