New guideline recommends that pregnant women within certain groups of professionals working from home in the third trimester.

Women who are pregnant in the third trimester, and working in the field of social and health services, elder care, or in institutions with small children, should work from home.

It recommends to the board of Health in the guidelines, there is up to date on Thursday evening.

There is not a general recommendation for all pregnant women in the third trimester.

The new recommendation comes according to the agency on the grounds of prudence. Individual studies from abroad have shown that there are more caesarean section before the date of coronasmittede in the third trimester. Children will, therefore, be born prematurely.

the Third trimester is the last part of pregnancy and starts when the woman is over 28 weeks pregnant.

the national board of Health stresses in its guidelines that it is very sparse scientific research on the area. The recommendation is going to be on the safe side.

– We must take care of all of our pregnant employees and their future children.

– from an extended application of the precautionary principle and the interests of the unborn child, we recommend that pregnant women in the third trimester working from home, so the risk of infection in the last trimester reduced, says Camilla Rathcke, who is center director at the agency.

When the recommendation applies to pregnant women in the areas of health, aged care, social services and dagtilbudsområdet (0-6 years), due to their many contacts:

– It is people with many points of contact with the sick, the elderly and the vulnerable, as well as the small children says Camilla Rathcke.

Questions: Why is valid for instance, it is not a school teacher?

– Because the teacher has with the slightly older children to do, where you as a teacher can keep a distance. There is not the same need to care for the children, change diapers, have children on his lap, and the kind that people, who work with very young children, has, says Camilla Rathcke.

General recommends to the national board of Health for the sake of security, that no pregnant women have contact with persons who are infected with coronavirus, or who is suspected of being infected.

there is Nothing to suggest that pregnant women are particularly susceptible to coronasmitte. There is also not something that shows that they have an increased risk of a more serious illness with coronavirus, or that they have increased mortality, underlines the committee.

the national board of Health recommends that all pregnant women who exhibit symptoms of the disease Covid-19, will be tested for infection. Covid-19 is the disease you get out of coronavirusset.

the Symptoms reminiscent of those associated with the flu.