Often we use modern techniques wrong due that believe in stereotypes. Time to debunk the major myths about smartphones, headphones, smart speakers and other devices!

Council to discharge the phone to “zero” has remained since then when in mass use was the Nickel batteries. They had the “memory effect” — capacity loss in case if the battery was not fully discharged and a new charging cycle has begun. For modern lithium ion batteries it is irrelevant. Moreover, discharge to 0% reduces their lifespan, because they have a limited number of charge cycles. So the best option is to connect your smartphone to a wall outlet during the day without letting the battery completely down.

the Number of megapixels is one of the factors that affect the quality of the pictures, but he’s not the only or even the main one.

So, the clarity of the photographs depends on many characteristics of the camera sensor size and aperture, of lens material, the functionality of the processor , etc. for Example, in cameras of modern smartphones about the same number of megapixels, but the device, where they are smaller, it can shoot better due to better image processing algorithm.

About these relatively new devices, there are a lot of myths — for example, that they pose a threat to human radiation. The proponents of this theory believe that the constant wearing watches may lead to serious health problems. However, no studies talking about the dangers of these gadgets, not. On the contrary, from a medical point of view these devices are useful because they help to stimulate activity, keep track of his heart rhythm, blood pressure and sugar levels.

actually, smart columns have a broad functionality, allowing you to customize them for yourself. Integration with various services helps them become indispensable, not just gadgets which include songs and read the weather forecast. For example, right now you can use them to listen to the news, order food, manage your smart home, listen to audiobooks, and even phone.

Due to the deep integration with the social network Capsule will make playlists for you and your loved ones will include audio recordings of friends and recommend new music. It will help to occupy children useful games throughout the day, and at night would tell them stories. The bonus is the friendly voice assistant Maroussia, which will support a conversation on any topic. Uznat more about the Capsules on its official website.

until recently, many manufacturers of gadgets vying for the highest resolution screen on their devices. It was thought that the maximum number of pixels is a measure of the quality of the display and the tablet in General. But the human eye ceases to notice a difference in the image when the number of pixels per inch than 300, so to chase a resolution of 8K is pointless. Moreover, too high a pixel density creates a strain on the CPU and adversely affects the performance of the device.

On , hearing problems can actually occur when the sound pressure exceeds 85 dB over eight hours.

of Course, we all sometimes raise the volume — for example, to hear the song when the subway noise, sound pressure level of approximately 100 dB. But this happens not so often and lasts not so long to cause serious damage to hearing.