50 crew members of the aircraft carrier


the Ministry of the French armed forces confirmed the presence of coronavirus infection in 50 people on Board the aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle”. This was reported by press service of the Ministry, reports TASS.

“tests have confirmed 50 cases of infection COVID-19 among the crew”, – the statement of the Ministry.

to check this information, on April 8 aboard a sea vessel arrived two the epidemiologist, one specialist on Biosafety and the doctor in charge of study.

a total of doctors conducted 66 tests. If none of the infected do not feel the deterioration of health.

March 11, the world health organization called the outbreak of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 pandemic. Worldwide recorded more than 1.35 million cases, more than 79,2 thousand people died. In Russia the number of infected exceeds 11.9 thousand people.

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