does anyone else remember Linus Pauling? The 1994 deceased Americans, the got both the chemistry as well as later with the Nobel peace prize? He became famous not as a brilliant chemist, or a fighter against nuclear tests, but because he believed in his late years, in the omnipotence of Vitamin C. High-dose – he swallowed every day, 18 grams – should ascorbic acid diseases, or cure can prevent from colds to cancer, and schizophrenia.

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Nobel prize winner solved the Vitamin Hype from

Pauling, who also wrote a book about the supposed Vitamin C Power, unleashed in the ‘ 70s, a Vitamin-Hype that continues, especially in the United States today. A more or less large Arsenal of dietary supplements for health and Fitness for many US citizens to the Breakfast.

numerous studies have demonstrated that isolated vitamins, minerals and trace elements for the body cause so much as food, in which the micro-nutrients from nature, stuck. In the case of fruit and vegetables, healthy fiber and plant – protective substances are added.

with a few exceptions, we can go without your vitamins in tablet form. the Here are the five that are consumed the most often, but not to be used:

multi-vitamin tablets,

Everything you included, can deliver a well-balanced diet. A large US study of 39,000 older women showed already a few years ago that the pill the consumer had a greater risk of death than the comparison group, the swallowed not vitamin tablets. Only in June of 2018, a meta-analysis of many studies to Vitamin has demonstrated supplementation that these have no positive effect on cardiovascular diseases.

the cell protection vitamins A, C, E

is The Trio the most important antioxidants, and cell protective vitamins called. As a free radical scavenger vitamins play an important role in the organism. Because free radicals are responsible for aging processes and the development of diseases. Fruits, vegetables, and (good) Oil in the cell protection vitamins deliver in sufficient quantity.

As a dietary Supplement, particularly in high dosage, to get the vitamins, however, are poor notes:

  • Specifically noted a long-term investigation of increased lung cancer in smokers, the Vitamin A or the precursor beta-carotene income. In addition, we now know that a daily slight Overdose of the fat-Vitamin A is liver and bone damage can soluble.
  • Vitamin C can not protect you against disease – not even a runny nose. The positive influence on the immune system studies have tried in the last few decades prove. However, it has been shown that high daily doses may lead to kidney stones.
  • Vitamin E the previously suspected cancer protection could not be demonstrated. Rather, a study of 36,000 male participants showed an increased risk for prostate cancer, if Vitamin-E-capsules swallowed. In the case of permanently high dosage, it can lead to disorders of digestion, muscle strength, or blood clotting. Easy healthy, Our PDF guide life-2019 shows how you can lose weight easier, relaxation, stronger and fitter be. Plus: the best Doctors.To the PDF guide

Vitamin B3

for a Long time Niacin (nicotinic acid) had a reputation for protecting the heart and brain. Here, too, a large study showed 25,000 cardiac patients, that the duration of revenue has led not seizures to fewer heart attacks or strokes. In comparison to the Placebo group, the B3-consumer-developed but, more often liver problems and internal bleeding.

to recommend Three useful vitamins as a dietary Supplement,

As a dietary Supplement, the following three micro-contrast, nutrients:

Vitamin D

The “sun vitamin” is important for bone health because it promotes the storage of calcium. But it is hard to find in foods.

The body can form Vitamin D in the skin, if they get enough sun light. Ten minutes are enough every day outside, even if the sky is overcast. No Problem in light summer clothes, but on cold winter days, it is closely related to the Vitamin D supply. Especially as many of the physicians hold a high daily dose of useful.

folic acid

folate is the only Vitamin that the supply in Germany, by the diet is rather insufficient. As a “baby vitamin”, it is especially important for Pregnant women and women who want to become pregnant. Folic acid belongs to the B vitamins and is essential for blood formation, cell division, and, in General, all the growth processes. Lack of folic acid can have dramatic consequences for the unborn child: malformations, especially of the spine and spinal cord, called neural tube defect.

folic acid is in appreciable amount in sprout, green vegetables, and legumes – the covers but rarely the average daily requirement, and certainly not the greatly elevated in pregnancy. So: tablets allowed until necessary. (Display)

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this is not the way to the top Sellers among Vitamin D, folic acid and Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12

This Vitamin need all people as a dietary Supplement. For the growing group of Vegan B12 pills, however, are necessary because it is the only Vitamin that is not able to cover the complete animal-free diet with plant foods. As an important building block for the cell division, blood formation and the function of the nervous system, B12 is essential in the daily vitamin supply.

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