the Truth was revealed when he complained of pain in the lower back.

38-year-old resident of the Brazilian city são Paulo at the beginning of may went to the hospital Hospital do Rim with a complaint of lower back pain. The man, whose name was not disclosed, said that she suspects a problem with the kidneys.

the Doctors listened to his complaints and sent for a CT scan. The showed that back pain caused by a herniated disc and its displacement, but it was not the most interesting on the CT scan.

A 38-year-old man presented with low back pain associated with a herniated disk. A computed tomographic scan incidentally showed the presence of three kidneys.

As predicted the man, the kidneys also played a role in this story. Here only with them everything was fine, apart from the fact that, instead of the two, the man they were three, writes FoxNews. Attentively examining everything, the doctors came to the conclusion that all kidneys work perfectly healthy and without anomalies.

Catherine Gura

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